• Local Housing for Local Jobs


How will this project impact traffic in the neighborhood?
With nearly 5,000 people already working within a 10-minute walk to the property, Passage will help to reduce escalating traffic congestion. Regional retail would generate up to 12,000 daily car trips; replacing the retail with mixed-use, local-serving retail and housing, car trips would decrease to about 9,000 per day, or 25% fewer car trips. Putting housing near existing jobs, retail and transportation options will reduce car traffic even further.

What impact would this project have on the environment?
This project reduces daily car trips by 25% over what a retail-only use of the site would generate.

Case in point: The new nearby Bay Meadows mixed-use development project has been successful in balancing jobs, housing and reducing the need for cars. Recently surveys show more than 40% of Bay Meadows residents ride Caltrain, exceeding original projections. 85% of residents walk or bike to shop or dine nearby on a regular basis.

How will this project help alleviate the Bay Area’s housing crisis?
Between 2010 and 2014, 55,000 jobs were created in San Mateo County, but only 2,100 homes were built.

As job growth in San Mateo County continues, a dire housing shortage is driving up the cost of living, creating longer commutes and gridlock for the region’s freeways. This project provides over 900 housing units immediately adjacent to existing major job centers—including Oracle, Rakuten, Medallia and the YMCA—and mass transit options.

What changes were made to the project after community input?
After 40 community meetings and presentations, the updated project plan incorporates community input. These include more affordable housing units, preserving a home for the Peninsula Ballet Theatre, adding on-site daycare operated by the YMCA and doubling the size of Hub Park within the project.